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Jaundice, A Jaunt, Jaune: John

ABOUT JOHN:  “I’m a 20 old year art student from Colombia. I live in Bogota and my favorite color is yellow. Every time my grandma stares at my face, she says I’m yellow and my name tells it too. John, as people know me, is Jaune in french , and in spite of not having a relation with french stuff , Jaune means:  John and Yellow at the same time, so I use it as my nickname . Artworks themselves are already too revealing for also having your real name into exposure.”

John Celis, 2015. Mixed media.

JOHN SPEAKS*: “My work is just composed of drawings, because even though sometimes I use paint , I just keep in mind that I should be drawing. Aside from other things, like showing skills or concepts, I want my work to be honest about who I am and with how I think , and for me drawing is the media where I can achieve that . This is because drawing is immediate, there’s no time for any lies in it, unlike painting, that has many layers. Drawing has only one, so everything from beginning to end can be seen.

Drawing takes place in an instant , and it talks about the way you feel in that moment. To draw you don’t need too much, it can be done with anything anywhere. That’s why my works may vary a lot from one to another. It’s also why I like to carry around my sketchbook, all of my favorite works are there in my sketchbooks.

I’m always trying to make connections. Mostly I start them from my favorite color, like the one I’ve made with my name, but the ones I most crave are connections with the topic that moves me to create stuff.

Sadness, for me being honest with my work is trying to leave a bit of sadness in everything I make, in order to understand:
Why is it there?
When did it start?
(or just to feel better leaving it somewhere else rather than inside myself.)”

*Quote edited for clarity and length


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