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subtleorange: Mira Pusateri

Words and photos by Mira Pusateri.

I’m Mira Pusateri. I’m 17 years-old and I’m a 3rd year phtotgraphy student at South Pasadena High School. I love all kinds of phtography, but I specialize in studio portraiture. I do photography purely for fun. I plan on studying Horticulture in college, but I’m definetly going to take a class in photography if I can.

I love studio portraiture. I love how much control I have over the image. For me its not just about the model or backround, but the lighting and composition of the photo. I put a lot of thought into the lighting of my photos, and during a shoot I’m constntly moving and ajusting the lights for the shot. I have been shooting film and printing in the darkroom since sophmore year, and it has been my favorite medium. I love to do my own prints because it lets me to make the image exactly as I want it. My photography teacher Mike Hogan has taught me the basics of photography aswell as let me expand and pursue my interests. My mom worked as a photographer for many many years and she always is willing to help me with constructive ideas and criticism.

I really dont have a name for this set besides “film portraits”, The models are Noc or Alyssa Esrada, Grace Piehl, Hana Tyzka, and Jack Wilson. 35mm black and white film on an ex-boyfriends camera.


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