Month: December 2015

A Light in the Dark

Words by Lilli Hertel “C’mon Bender, just do it!” He could see the faintest light fall on Tom and Carry’s faces from inside the dingy movie set. It was after baseball practice and Tom filled them in about his newest hide out. “Tom, I don’t think this was one of your best ideas.” Bender stood outside the set and watched the other two standing impatiently inside. “Maybe not, but it could be cool. We could find some old movie props, or ghosts.” Tom waved his hand, gesturing for Bender to join them. So he did. As Bender climbed through the jagged hole, the smell of feces and dead raccoon filled his lungs. Bender gagged, “Tom! This is disgusting! I can’t breathe in here.” The more he tried to suck in fresh air the worse the stench got. “Yeah, you’ll get used to it.” Tom shrugged him off. They started walking further into the darkened set. Bender kept his mouth covered with his baseball rag and followed close behind Carry. Tom led them further into the building, looking around himself every so often. …

Poetry Lounge 2015

On December 11, 2015, Tunnel held a Poetry Lounge at SPACE Arts Center (1506 Mission Street). The idea of the event was to create an environment where people could hold space for each other; where we could listen to each other’s words with acceptance above all. No matter what you look or talk or act like, the Poetry Lounge was supposed to be a safe space to connect with people through the intimate language of poetry. Tunnel designed a zine for the event, featuring student artwork and writing from every person on the Poetry Lounge program.  

subtleorange: Mira Pusateri

Words and photos by Mira Pusateri. I’m Mira Pusateri. I’m 17 years-old and I’m a 3rd year phtotgraphy student at South Pasadena High School. I love all kinds of phtography, but I specialize in studio portraiture. I do photography purely for fun. I plan on studying Horticulture in college, but I’m definetly going to take a class in photography if I can. I love studio portraiture. I love how much control I have over the image. For me its not just about the model or backround, but the lighting and composition of the photo. I put a lot of thought into the lighting of my photos, and during a shoot I’m constntly moving and ajusting the lights for the shot. I have been shooting film and printing in the darkroom since sophmore year, and it has been my favorite medium. I love to do my own prints because it lets me to make the image exactly as I want it. My photography teacher Mike Hogan has taught me the basics of photography aswell as let me expand …