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Fruits of life: ode to 2015

Words and photographs by Nathaniel Stephens
The year of 2015 (although not over) was quite the experience for me. Filled with times of maturing, meeting new people, loving, punk shows, birthday parties, lit weekends, photo-shoots, op houses, big bear, dating, family, school friends, stress, bands, insecurities, gateway drugs, & too many cigarettes. 2015 taught me to embrace myself, so I wrote an ode for it.
An Ode to 2015
Days have never been spent in
such pleasure.
I never fathomed such type of leisure.
For I never knew what the fruits of life could offer.
To be young, lively & curious?
What else could life possibly proffer?


Nathaniel Stephens is part of Tunnel’s list of artists in residency. To follow Tunnel’s integral theme of development + change over time, we regularly feature this list of artists, so we can see how they develop/change over time.

See more of Nathaniel’s work on Tunnel here.


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