Photography, Visual Art
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Still Life: a study in gummy

“Still Life” was taken with a Canon 5d  Mark II, 50 mm lens.

“These are all digital photos which I did for a still life project in my photography class, but I really enjoyed doing them and how they came out so I will probably continue it! I wanted to create something whimsical with bright color. I was first inspired by my roommates retainer and other food photography. I thought it would be funny to pair it with gummy teeth and it totally took off from there! I noticed other candy at the store and kept getting inspired.”

 “I’m 20 years old, but began being interested in photography when I was about 5. My first camera was a pink special edition Barbie Polaroid. I started becoming serious about a career in photography in my second year of high school. In the past I mostly focused on film and dark room photography, but I’m currently working more with my digital camera because of the ease and practicality. I’m from Los Angeles, but just transferred to Columbia College Chicago for a photography BA with a focus on fashion photography.”


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