Month: November 2015

Baby’s first forensic: Hana Tyszka

A lot of these pictures are of friends i’ve made within the past year, and as hard as it’s been to pull me out of the hole I dug for myself, they have all managed to do just that. Included in this set are a few pictures of the York Minster and a newspaper job I covered (baby’s first forensic experience) please enjoy and message me if you have questions about cameras or life or on ur math homework :^)

Ashley & Me

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Ashley Jimenez is a high school senior.  “As I tend to not watch television and do not have my own computer, I need something else to occupy the endless hours in a day. Consequently, I love to draw and read. I like drawing in pen without coloring the images because of how clean and sharp they can come out. But since color is fun and available I like to lean towards whites, blues, and reds because they are my favorite colors. I have no certain style to describe and that is because I don’t identify myself as an artist but just someone who likes to pass the time which I enjoy because it gives me the liberty to draw whatever I please. Enjoy.”

Fruits of life: ode to 2015

Words and photographs by Nathaniel Stephens – The year of 2015 (although not over) was quite the experience for me. Filled with times of maturing, meeting new people, loving, punk shows, birthday parties, lit weekends, photo-shoots, op houses, big bear, dating, family, school friends, stress, bands, insecurities, gateway drugs, & too many cigarettes. 2015 taught me to embrace myself, so I wrote an ode for it. – An Ode to 2015 Days have never been spent in such pleasure. I never fathomed such type of leisure. For I never knew what the fruits of life could offer. To be young, lively & curious? What else could life possibly proffer? –   Nathaniel Stephens is part of Tunnel’s list of artists in residency. To follow Tunnel’s integral theme of development + change over time, we regularly feature this list of artists, so we can see how they develop/change over time. See more of Nathaniel’s work on Tunnel here.

pal·at·a·ble: Farah Ghafoor

Words by Farah Ghafoor HOW TO BE YOUR OWN REAPER: they dangled and cracked like the hearts he liked to collect, ornaments that pulsed like drumbeats, sizzled like firecrackers. she bit into the pomegranate knowing what was to come. knew it would taste sour like power and swallowed. persephone was a huntress who believed she had stayed out too long in the sun. she only light she wanted came from the glow of bodies floating in lethe, they trembled with promise and compromise. she sucked her teeth and waited.   NO MAN’S LAND somewhere in a distant country something drops into the lake of my lungs it’s my heart filled with lead and licorice-like worms it makes waves ripple down my thighs no living thing cries out instead, they ache echoing off the hollows of my knees my chin trembles for them. my bone marrow is a nesting ground for parasitic relationships a waterhole for the dead and needy. my voice makes them jump when I say “what defines a jungle?” “the leeches” before I …

Pilot Episode: My So-Called Life

Words and photos by Somi Jun. ARE YOU FASTING TODAY? follow the bell curve of the stomach, the parched strokes at the base of the esophagus. trace up the jawline, loop around the ear, pull thumb over a gummy train of facial hair. i feel i have been fasting for you, sunrise to sundown, and finally, the line has broken. Part 1: PILOT EPISODE, MSCL Flaccid smoke, erect. Joker gloss melts off sweaty reject’s face as feet stay feet away from his deadass beat. Beat. 106 degrees echo off the 8 o’clock concrete, corpse waves from the afternoon, my stomach and veins scooped hollow, pulse throbs mellow to the Beat, No point to this deadass heat. Be glad for the French Braided coronation around cud-chewing lips, because Burger King does serve vegetarian fare, 3.49 and charged to Straight Outta Compton. Heat full of shoes and strangers inside the house. Robert DeNiro is the only purity in all this Drivel and mellow yellow youth, my flaccid night. The theme song of my so-called life. Part 2: STANDING ON MY OWN TWO FEET my …

Still Life: a study in gummy

“Still Life” was taken with a Canon 5d  Mark II, 50 mm lens. MADELINE SPEAKS: “These are all digital photos which I did for a still life project in my photography class, but I really enjoyed doing them and how they came out so I will probably continue it! I wanted to create something whimsical with bright color. I was first inspired by my roommates retainer and other food photography. I thought it would be funny to pair it with gummy teeth and it totally took off from there! I noticed other candy at the store and kept getting inspired.” ABOUT MADELINE:  “I’m 20 years old, but began being interested in photography when I was about 5. My first camera was a pink special edition Barbie Polaroid. I started becoming serious about a career in photography in my second year of high school. In the past I mostly focused on film and dark room photography, but I’m currently working more with my digital camera because of the ease and practicality. I’m from Los Angeles, but just …