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seiya bowser

Seiya Bowser is an 18-year-old artist who has just graduated high school. Growing up he has lived in Los Angeles, Japan, and New York. 

What is the process of creating your paintings? Is it a long creative process? 
“The process for creating the pieces takes me very long, but, usually what I do is just chill, smoke weed, and just start the piece. It takes a long time for me to decide what the piece actually is until I’m about halfway through, which is weird I don’t know why I do that.”

Was this work for school, or did you do this in your own time? 
“All the work I do is for myself. When I was in high school my art teacher helped me a lot, but, I never really did work or pay attention just did my own stuff, she didn’t really like that.”

What, or who inspired you? 
“I’m mostly inspired by my friends, they’re always throwing ideas at me for what to paint. Me and my friend Jonah always take shrooms and paint together, it’s the best.”

What techniques did you use throughout this collection? 
“For all of my painting pieces, I use the same technique, pretty much. I try to just layer it and create distinct colours. I try to kind of match it with the mood and the paper and what I’m drawing. When I use pen or pencil it’s usually a figure, or some funny high drawing.”

What do you hope for the future?  
“In the future I would like to just travel a lot, meet new people and just keep doing art. Hopefully, make a career out of it.”


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