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The Hallucinate

Words by Carrie Zhang.
Photography by Sophalina Cohen.

Forgetting                                                                       .  

I enjoy                                                      .
           the rhododendron
      the whale the whale                                                          .
.                          the white foam of leaves of
.        rhodora
.        This charm is not wasted on earth  and sky
.          on bright shadows and expanses dark
.        and high with flowers.
.   it’s a mountain
.                 something in the air
.              emotion and memory
.                        discuss music by the trigger
.                             of reliving of shore of earth
.                    of smell of an old house and
.                      the sensation of an old friend
         .                              and the neural activity of non-physical
sensation                   .

.                                            opposite never never never
.                                            Never Never seen Never
.                                            See see seen yourself
.                                            Construction
.                                                            but it felt like I had never been there before
.                                                                    all the classrooms seemed wrong and
.                                          the hallways of hallways
.                      faraway faraway  faraway
.                            seizure
.                                                  mere no trigger hand off the conclusion
.                                                    and I hallucinate the completely alien situation
.                      The hallucinate


You are not the moon,
nor flowers, nor blue.

Still I love you
in vehement denial,
with brief bursts of honey.

You are what I love
when I don’t know what I’ve done.
When I don’t know what to do.

You are the world veiled in a
sweet light.

.         Warrior Boy

 .                   You have walked forth with hunger in your stomach and fire
 .                   in your eyes. There is disquiet in your chest.
 .                   There goes glory flowing into a new limb.
 .                   There you go in warrior step.

 .                   Do not betray me by returning to me.
 .                   Do not lose the hot drum of opportunity.
 .                   I never know you, Warrior Boy,
 .                   because you are always new.


Bodies are our speechless records. They have no writing
on them, maybe a scar of two if we’re lucky, nothing but holes
into which we peer down, shouting, “Are you down there?” They make us slaves
to the lightest touch of a second, yet lose themselves in memory. How many times
has your body been soaked and wrung out? How many times has it been whispered to
by demons? Inhabitated by a soul
that cried and wailed against walls? Your body
has no name; it is as unrecognizable
as your past self. We scan our bodies, hungry
for written fragments of artistry within-
thoughts from before, which move us because when we see color
vibrant from a place we no longer understand, we are like
like modern humans looking upon the cave-art of the primitive.

About the Artists

Carrie Zhang is a rising sophomore in the class of 2018 at Watchung Hills Regional High School. She has been recognized as a silver medalist in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She has been published in Assonance Magazine, Polyphony H.S., The Claremont Review, Navigating the Maze, and The Noisy Island. She believes in getting close to Art and Art has been the closest thing to religion she has experienced in her life.

“I’ve always hated the idea of categorizing the particular kind of art I create, I guess it’s merely the fact that I am so finicky in what I specialize in. Photography is something that’s always been part of my life though, and I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember. I think it’s the right mix of technical and creative which is what keeps me coming back, especially in regards to film photography. I have a natural inclination towards taking photos of plants, possibly because I seem to have more access to plants than people. Whenever the chance arrises I definitely prefer candid photography. I believe it gives my work a slightly more cinematic quality.” – Sophalina Cohen, a senior at Waverly High School.

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