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Happy Birthday, Tunnel!

Pictured above: Little Baby Tunnel –> Big Baby Tunnel. Babies courtesy of Daniela Nicholson.

Dear Tunnel People (moles?),

It makes me so happy when people approach me with positive feedback about Tunnel, when they say that it’s grown so much and that it’s run so well. It always catches me off guard, because Tunnel is my baby and its beginnings were so humble: just one student, behind a laptop, struggling with the Gaussian blur level of Tunnel’s logo.

At first, I was always pleading for artwork and support, because I felt I had to be able to offer something quantifiable in return for your contributions. But what I’ve learned, more than anything else, is how generous young artists are. I and the Tunnel staff have been so blessed by young people, who send in inquiries from across the country / world, who send version after version of the same image because we need higher resolution, who readily volunteer their time to contribute more to Tunnel and share Tunnel with their loved ones. This goes for both our contributors and our staff members, who reached out to be a part of this publication. This goes for all of our readers, who take the time to explore these projects.

You are so willing to share yourself with the world and support almost strangers, simply because they ask of you. And this is part of what fuels young artwork, this collective instinct for coagulation and support. This is what makes art evolve, and this is what makes Tunnel flourish. You are willing to form a community around the smallest space and the most private project, to become each other’s support network. And this is not something that has to be earned through the weighing of costs and benefits; it flows freely.

Tunnel is in the privileged position of documenting this community, and connecting the little pockets of young artists throughout the world. We provide this platform, once the smallest of spaces and the most private of projects, to validate experimentation. To encourage growth and change in young persons’ lives. To bring you into each other’s lives to show, in a very basic way, that you aren’t alone. And to say thank you for sharing yourself with the world; we are grateful we got to see, hear, and experience you.

Somi Jun (Editor-in-Chief)


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