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Remnants: a music video by Psycho Lilac and Katie Carson

By Somi Jun

Remnants Music Video: 141 seconds of Psycho Lilac’s psychedelic, dream pop instrumentals, complemented by super 8 film footage from Katie Carson. A serene yet stimulating walk through green and pink-tinted shots of Tiarna Armstrong’s (Psycho Lilac) face, under a projector and in fields. Gentle movements and saturated yet simple colors create an experience akin to meditating while in a hallucination.


What was your role in creating this film? Was there anyone else involved?
Creating visuals for Tiarnas song, ‘Remnants’ was kind of a one man operation – I wanted to create something completely on my own and experiment with new techniques I hadn’t explored.

What medium did you use?
I used a Super 8 camera with 500T film for the entire video. Tiarna and I wanted to create visuals which compliment the psychedelic feeling of the song and so I suggested using this type of camera to create a weathered, aged look.

How do you think the medium affected the overall feel of the film?
I think and hope that the viewer just enjoys watching it. There isn’t really any strong feeling that I wanted to create, it was more just about bringing the audience into an era [before digital], which I think a lot of people our generation would love to experience.

How long did it take to gather, shoot, and edit film?
I arranged a day to take pictures of Tiarna for some of the projections. I then edited the pictures using photoshop which took a few days. We had two long days of shooting first on digital then on Super8 to make sure we wouldn’t lose any shots. The longest part for me was waiting for the film to get developed, processed and telecine. The editing took over 2 months due to exams at school etc.. so overall the process was quite long!! But really enjoyable!

Where/when did you shoot?
We shot the majority of this in my garage ‘cause who needs a fancy studio… For the exterior shots we went to the Lagan Meadows in Belfast which has so many areas to explore and use.

How did you conceptualize what to shoot?
After listening to ‘Remnants’ I envisioned psychedelic and colourful imagery. I had recently watched one of DIIV’s music videos and loved the look that the old cine cameras made. I also knew that I wanted to experiment with moving and still projections.

What was it like working with Tiarna?
Working with Tiarna was so awesome, she is such a talented artist and musician. We had a great time filming this! T gave me such creative freedom!


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