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Benni Quintero: reworked from birth

by Amelia Anthony

Benni Quintero is a 17 year old artist in the 12th grade at Mira Costa High School.

I am a well disguised pervert who doesn’t have a singular art “thing”. I’m not even sure if I’m an art person singularly, or even a person at that. I think the Marx Brothers are great. Those are the important facts.


Jazz Cat: This is Jazz Cat. He’s a tall, jivin’ madman.

The Two Fridas: I recreated a Frida Kahlo Painting as a sculpture. I couldn’t recreate the second face. I tore it off and stuck it onto that paintbrush and just oozed wax on her head. Why? Officially, it’s to symbolize Diego’s recreation of Frida, basically painting her in his own and disconnecting her from her past self. The wax is his paint. Their hands and arms aren’t sculpted in clay. Not because I gave up and thought it looked really cool as it was, no, no, no! It’s obviously because at their core, Frida pre- and post- Diego were the same, deep down inside. At least that’s what it seems some people like to hear.

Sad Babe: This is sad babe. She’s a mess. Formally known as Rotaty Foot Lady.

Jazzbaby (work in progress and complete): I made this kiddo for AP studio. It came out way more alive than I intended and it makes my heart go “yaaaaas”. I slapped a useless meaning on it for the class. It now officially symbolizes the aftermath of the Jazz Age and the oncoming Great Depression. Everyone loves a good ol’ deep, historical meaning.

Spiders in my Shooooooooes: These were some shoes I decorated and people like them so they’re here. It’s made with lots of wax and pins and glue and pipe cleaners and more glue and more glue and more glue and then I peeled off the glue and more glue and more glue and…

Lemon Head: The assignment was to make a self portrait. I sculpted my face into lemon because I like lemon heads and I’m a fresh, succulent queer fruity pie. I also love potato bugs, and I figured I could be like “haha potato head” but I don’t. It’s also referred to as a niño in spanish, so I guess you could say it symbolizes childishness or something. Why not. It’s all consumed in hand sanitizer just like the real life me.


Butt Hump: I made this after my life drawing class ended. I missed drawing boobs. This started out as boobs. I don’t know how it got to this point but it makes me happy.


Intersexed Babe: One day I looked up images of intersexed genitals. I thought they were pretty. So I drew some. I confused some people, and contemplated life.

JazzBaby (sketch): The original and dull design for Jazz Baby. He was never meant to have meaning. But then again he wasn’t meant to be so rad either.

Slimy Lizard Babe: This was a doodle I liked. There’s a girl I know who refers to herself as Lizard Queen and wears googly eyes on her forehead and wears plastic lizard earrings. I think I was thinking of her and naked people when doodling this babe.

Speckles of my House: I was home alone listening to Regina Spektor and Radiohead while a beetle died next to me in a little blue cup. My sister’s strange work out contraption was next to me so I drew it, as well as the friendly ghost that’s been trying to work some weight off it’s chest. He’s been working hard for quite a while but can’t seem to lose enough to reach the afterlife. I still believe in him though. He makes good company.


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