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Waiting For Your Embrace II

Poetry by Caitlyn Bove and Richa Gupta.
Photos by Hana Tyszka and Somi Jun.
Formatting by Somi Jun.

Waiting For Your Embrace. Somi Jun.

Waiting For Your Embrace.Somi Jun.

Jackson (by Caitlyn Bove)
We kissed a few nights ago.
In a dream I had after the party that was cold and uncomfortable all night
Your biggest obstacle was keeping your dog inside while remaining calm
Everyone was kissing everyone and I was encouraging the stranger who sat next to me.
Our desire to find the truth only heightened the anxiety
but these nerves were due to the sobriety I have only ever felt during the day.
It is night time now
and that’s when I do my best handiwork.
Her too.
She had been texting her dealer but he was in Westwood so we were both stranded.
The truth about you is that you’re clueless and curious.
Your hair is too big and not big enough.
You like me but you wear humor as a mask and refuse to take it off.
We are the same in that way and
maybe that’s why I’m drawn to you.
Laughter comes in all shapes and sizes but I didn’t know happiness was her sister
until I met you.

A Fervent Fire (by Richa Gupta)
Passion whistled through the trees,
in glacial, fragmented tendrils,
through the interwoven twigs and fruits that hung from the tresses
in a blissful stupor–
a product of nature’s might and power
Blowing as an invigorating, hale gust
that enveloped all in its gaiety and violet ardor,
refreshing and inspiring, rejuvenating all it kissed
as it playfully raced about, competing to see
who would reach the end of the forest line,
and explore beyond the known and comforting
Passion burned an amber fire,
emanating an aura of golden light and zeal
illuminating all its rays fell upon,
bringing about warmth, joy and vigor
to the ambiance, after the blaze of fervor had died out
and crumbled to a mere few ashes
that smoldered weakly, flickering feebly–
courtesy of the glacial squalls and elapsing moons,
dissolving into the swathing bosom of the ocean
Passion lapped against the shore, in a series of cerulean waves
that strengthened as the sun arced its way
across the tapestry of the azure sky
It caressed her heart, encouraged her soul
to pursue the impossible, and to never let
her silvery moon remain concealed by layers of clouds
lest they weaken the tides’ rage, and cool down
the gleaming passion that dominated her spirits

photo (2)

Waiting For Your Embrace II. Somi Jun.

Why I can’t sleep (by Caitlyn Bove
I can’t sleep because the noise in my mind rings louder than the noise outside
Louder than the roar of traffic 100 feet from where I lay
Louder than the ringing and chirping my phone makes when he is lonely and I am vulnerable/can’t sleep
Louder than the fear of not waking up no matter how long
I stay awake, binge watching my life’s destruction
Louder than my lungs as I pant and wheeze because I am finally alone
Louder than the iconic sounds of my bones popping and cracking as my bones slowly wither away
I cannot sleep because the fear of a trembling earth or an intruder in my space
is more powerful than any espresso.


Caitlyn Bove is a high school senior and poet from the San Fernando Valley in California. She has participated in writing workshops across the country including the Jonathan R. Reynolds Young Writers Workshop at Denison University. She is a member of an award winning slam poetry team in Los Angeles. 

Richa Gupta is a sixteen year old girl living in Bangalore, India, who has an avid interest in poetry and creative writing. She has her works published and forthcoming in numerous literary journals, including New Plains Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Balloons Literary Journal, Nature Writing, Five Willows Literary Review, Poetry Quarterly and Wilderness House Literary Review. She is also the student editor of the July-August 2015 issue of an Indian parenting magazine called ParentEdge. Richa enjoys playing western classical piano and losing herself in the many great literary works of poets and authors.


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