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human nature is ground meal // flash fiction

Three flash fiction pieces, written in English by Arabic-speaking students.
Film photography by staff photographer Hana Tyszka.

The Center by Reem Hatem Badr: the perilous journey of six children, as they try to escape from a mysterious land called “The Center.” A story of escape and adventure, that doubles as a metaphor about the power of words.

Reem Badr, daughter, friend, established reader, aspiring writer, aimless wanderer, and lover of poetry. She is currently a student at The American University in Cairo.

Fascination by Jana Tabet: an experimental flash fiction piece about the rush of life you get when you’re crashing into love with someone else. A poignant and concise piece that captures the experience of a consuming relationship.

Jana Tabet is a 17-year-old girl from Lebanon. This upcoming year, she will be a senior in high school. She prefers going to a party over completing her homework, yet you’ll find her up until 5 a.m. finishing a story she had accidentally started reading before going to bed. She finds people beautiful and as much as she doesn’t like to admit it, she spends a good amount of time staring at the people around her, fascinated by their smiles, and the difference between each look they give to anything or anyone. She gets way too excited about helium balloons and dogs.

A Scene on a Beach by Orwa Abou Mockh: a man, a beach, a strange sense of inexplicable loss, all bordering on the mythological. An experimental flash fiction piece that depicts the power of nature and the nature of man.
Orwa “عروه” is an Arabian born in Israel and is about to be a freshman in university. He lives in Bucharest, Romania and writes poetry and prose. He also paints, draws, watches movies to learn more English (and also to learn new accents), and listens to music.

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