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pangs, bits, and pieces: Nathaniel Stephens


On weekends and/or breaks and vacations from school, I would walk the streets of Glendale, Downtown L.A., Chinatown and Highland Park. I would take shots of people, friends, or an empty corner in a friend’s house. I saw bits and pieces of me in these photographs, pieces of me I never knew existed within myself, which made me go out and shoot more the next day.


I began to focus a lot more on portraits and sceneries that are simple yet dramatic in lines, colors, mood, repetition, and etc. By doing this I felt as though I reached a new level in my photographic journey by applying these compositional skills in a more artistic and simplified way, rather than in my before photographs where I shot on instinct and emotion.

About Nathaniel Stephens: “I am going to start my senior year at Daily High school in Glendale, California in the beginning of August 2015. I have become enthralled with photography as of recently (September of this year will be my one year anniversary as a photographer) What interests me in photography is simplicity. I want my photos to be concise without losing any kind of dynamics. As I dabbled more and more into photography I began to grow fond of taking portraits of people, candid or staged and of areas that have remnants of human presence. It brought about a feeling in me I never felt before. It became a relief from stress, a pursuit of happiness, a beloved partner that in the near future I do not see myself parting from. My ultimate goal in photography is finding my own voice, finding my own photographic idiosyncrasy that cannot be copied successfully. I want my pure self, to show through my”

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