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kylie kulture

KYLIE is an installation art piece created by USC art student Jeremy Reynoso for his sculpture class.

I made this project as an assignment for my sculpture class on the uncanny, although it was pretty much up to us to do whatever. The assignment was a plaster assignment, so I covered a table and chair with sheets soaked in plaster and took them out once the plaster dried, so they’re both hollow plaster molds, I guess. My intent for the piece was to say something about obsessive Kylie culture on the Internet, maybe not even Kylie but it  just ended up being the direction I went in, haha. I don’t really think it’s supposed to be deep at all; it’s basically just an ironic shrine to Kylie and cosmetics and makeup tutorials. The video playing on the TV was Kylie’s 2 Minute Makeover brought to you by Grazia, and I slowed it down 50% just because I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I asked Lauren to be in the video because she was willing and available, and the intent was to do kind of the opposite of a makeup tutorial where she went in with a lot of makeup on, like a lot, and took it off with wipes and hung up her wipes for everyone to see.

For more of Jeremy’s work, check out his website.


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