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thirst for vapor

webpunk2002, comprising senpai vaporwave, ian, and ev, is a trio of “s a d b o y s” based in Florida pursuing their thirst for vapor.  They describe their art as being dominantly vaporwave with seapunk, webpunk, and glitch inspirations/undertone, and blessed us with their favorite creations thus far.


This image, created by Ian out of his love and admiration for Michael Cera, is their single most reblogged and liked, with 5,537 notes and counting


Senpai Vaporwave uses Photoshop to create his contributions. Posted shortly after the Michael Cera image, this image is their second most liked and reblogged with 4,917 notes, but he is currently branching out into the musical side of vaporwave culture. Keep an eye out.


Says Ev, who primarily uses GIMP to create: “This piece was made as an homage to the 90s videogame aesthetic. The centerpiece is a juxtaposition of a well-known oil painting, ‘La maja desnuda’, and a Nintendo Gameboy. In the background is a nintendo logo I found after doing a lot of searching. Finally, the piece is accentuated by a landscape photograph of some mountains and two statues of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.”


Ian loves his piece, called “beautifulgirlrevise” and made in GIMP, for both the color scheme and the revisions he made to it. The text says “aesthetic” in Russian, and the “hottie” was picked carefully.

Special thanks to Ian for letting Tunnel pester him!!



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