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MUSIC HIVE: Miles Knight + HOT by groundfloor

Welcome to a special edition of the staff HIVE, where Tunnel staff each profiled a local musician or music event.
Included in this HIVE:
– An interview with yung fresh rocker Miles Knight + a lil’ music sample
– An overview of HOT, a mysterious music event hosted by Groundfloor, featuring 10 different artists at the edge of DTLA

Miles Knight
by Amelia Anthony

Miles Knight talks genres, software, and collaborations.

photo by Brandon Vaughan

Quick facts about Miles:

  • plays snare in high school drumline
  • 15+ finished songs (“I never really cared too much for completing songs until a year ago”)
  • has been writing music as long as he can remember


What genres do you listen to, and which do you like to produce?
I listen to almost everything from rock, jazz, electro, to classical. I mainly produce alternative, electronic, and rock.

What instruments do you play?
I play the drums, guitar, and bass.

What instruments and software were used to produce this piece?
The song titled “Demo”, is a song written by me, I play everything on it except drums (Pablo Gaeta) and bass (Jonny Hughey). The rock music is recorded almost entirely through Shure SM57 Dynamic microphones with a program called Pro Tools (Avid). All of the other electronic songs are original pieces and are unfinished or demos without a real mastering job. I work with an amazing program called FL Studio (Image-Line) to produce this music, as well as other VST plugins including Massive (Native Instruments), and Nexus (Refx).

What goes through your mind when making music?
When I’m making music I’m constantly thinking of ways to incorporate different styles of music into my music. For instance, in the song “Bossanova 64,” I used a standard Latin Bossa Nova beat in the time signature 4/4 over a 6/4 melody, which created something a little more interesting.

What do you think about collaborations? Who have you collaborated with?
I think collaborations are great, whether it’s in live music or computer composed music. I worked with several people including “JAWA” (Jason Instinct) and Nate Chamberlain on a few songs just over a year ago. I think that’s some of the most fun I’ve had (musically). We would stay up all night throwing in new ideas and chatting about how we’re going to execute the next project.

What are your future music plans?
This summer I’m collaborating with three people, all separate, to discover what we can create. I plan to produce an EP with each of them, and continue music throughout high school.

HOT, hosted by Groundfloor
by Perah Ralin, photos by Hana Tyszka

The electronic music collective Groundfloor, comprising of artists BLVC SVND, Hollace, Pagan, and babymiketyson, presented their second show as a group, “HOT”, on June 20th. “HOT” took place at Kesspro Studios on the edge of DTLA’s Arts District accompanied by other local musicians Cavalier, .44 Manson, Pearl, Clove Pink, pattyperk, and Tru Sound. Doors opened at 7 PM to a group of about hundred people, teens and family members alike, among them several toddlers anticipating what was promised to be a night of hip hop, garage, future bass and trap.




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