Month: June 2015

MUSIC HIVE: Miles Knight + HOT by groundfloor

Welcome to a special edition of the staff HIVE, where Tunnel staff each profiled a local musician or music event. Included in this HIVE: – An interview with yung fresh rocker Miles Knight + a lil’ music sample – An overview of HOT, a mysterious music event hosted by Groundfloor, featuring 10 different artists at the edge of DTLA Miles Knight by Amelia Anthony Miles Knight talks genres, software, and collaborations. Quick facts about Miles: plays snare in high school drumline 15+ finished songs (“I never really cared too much for completing songs until a year ago”) has been writing music as long as he can remember Lil’ SAMPLE: What genres do you listen to, and which do you like to produce? I listen to almost everything from rock, jazz, electro, to classical. I mainly produce alternative, electronic, and rock. What instruments do you play? I play the drums, guitar, and bass. What instruments and software were used to produce this piece? The song titled “Demo”, is a song written by me, I play everything on …

ID Chamber by Minu Jun

Minu Jun’s latest film, ID Chamber. Commentary from sister Somi Jun: Minu asked me to write this commentary, maybe to give an outside perspective on what the film is about, or maybe because he has done several Tunnel pieces before and was not down for another interview (see more of Minu’s work here: Minu on Tunnel) I watched Minu work on this film for over 3 months. He spent about $300 producing it, a remarkably small sum for a 9 minute film, but relatively high compared to Minu’s other works. He creates unforgettable films that are fleshy, colorful, disgusting, beautiful, visceral, from a budget of almost nothing, because he makes it all himself. The masks, the giant genitalia, the corn syrup blood, the robe of dismembered stuffed animals– Minu spent late nights and weekends making it all by hand. It’s not always easy to live with, and it’s never easy to work with (especially for the actors), but somehow, he pulls all these pieces together to create something crazy like ID Chamber. And when this happens (it almost always does), part of me …


grid – a framework of spaced bars that are parallel to or cross each other; a grating. grid – plexus, bait, circumvention, cobwebbery, Covin, grid Portraits of Hana Tyszka by Dashel Murawski. “used a projector got some cool grids put them in photoshop 2 distort them a bit and line them up with hana. there u go!” – dashel