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the STAFF hive #2: “fast write with many grammatical errors”

Welcome to the second edition of the STAFF hive, where Tunnel STAFF members share their ideas/weeks/vibes/earworms/thoughts/images with you, so we can all get to know each other a little better. We hope you enjoy. Think of it as our long-distance love letter to you.

Minu Jun:

A fast write with many grammatical errors

The Italians know how to do cinema, so do the French but I don’t know sometimes I feel the French speak too much. I love Cleo, Cache, and Vivre Sa Vie but something about them, except Cleo, leave me a little cold. They’re too Proust for my Patterson. Especially Godard. I should watch more of his works but out of the three I have seen: Masculin Feminin, Vivre Sa Vie, and A Woman is a Woman, I just couldn’t help thinking “Now let’s see you walk the walk.” I always feel emotionally a little unsatisfied. Even their more trashier offerings like Rollin are never as much fun as Bava or Argento. Although I loved Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Demy isn’t trashy, I haven’t seen enough to make a good judgment. But the Italians, oh man everything they do just reverberates with life even if their work can feel a little simler at times. Vittoria Di Sica, Luchino Visconti, Roberto Rosselini, Federico Fellini, their characters are impassioned and driven by their emotions rather than their brains. When they speak their whole body reflects it. Even the country’s more subtler filmmakers, Antonioni, Passolini, have an intrinsic vitality.Every frame of Red Desert just bleeds and its sluggish pace lets the blood congeal before being covered in another beautiful layer. I feel invested because they feel invested in themselves. Ah! there’s the main difference I think. For my own personal taste the French are too cerebral. I’m painting in broad strokes so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but I just remember watching Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow the scene where Sophia Loren converses with a gorgeous young seminarian on top of a moonlit balcony overlooking Rome and feeling truly alive. More alive than I’ve ever felt because their lives, their surrounding were imbued with so much love for life that it crashed out of the screen and onto me.

welcome our newest staff member – Amelia Anthony, age 14 ❤ she wrote p03try for our HIVE!!!

dewy at dawn
eerie by midnight
doublecrossing itself
over and over,
weaving lies and sex and misery
drugs and kissing and memories.
each knot is a moment
where our ties buckled
or built themselves up;
a snapshot of the epiphany
that my thoughts visit
on lonely nights.
the empty space is time to come;
never will it fill completely
our love is eternal and infinite
but only in the palms of
a romantic such as i

details of the web are muddled
obscured by raindrops and the
out of focus camera
but if one takes the time
to step back
maybe it’s more beautiful
at second sight.
someday our web may get
ripped away easily
discarded as if nothing
but if you and i happen
to hold each other tight enough
ours may become crystalline
“my love for you is a spiderweb”


i don’t think i can
ever dispose of you
it’s like a bit of your tortured soul
created a Horcrux within me,
your lingering stench
sprayed in the back of my brain
your smile projected
twenty four seven inside my eyelids
you stuck to me and peeled off,
leaving a residue of
blood, ocean, tears
ingrained in my memory
it’s like i’ve been contaminated
with an infectious disease,
one that rots my organs
and i can feel myself going completely insane

“quarantine me”

Perah – aka Big Bad P3R4HN4

I feel like I’ve gotten dumber in the past few months, going from school to swim and back without much time to sleep or think.  I want time to decompress but sometimes I think that I might not regain full cognitive function when I’m decompressed, and it scares me.


For the past three or four weeks, every Friday when I come home from school, I crawl into bed and watch hours of RuPaul’s Drag Race, before drifting off into a deep dreamless sleep (twice, I slept for over 12 hours).

AP tests are coming for me RAPIDLY and they are always on the back of my mind. my one constant in these dark times are bianca del rio’s boatneck dresses… will i ever experience another love like this?

Tunnel Staff ❤ ❤ ❤


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