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wild animals // poetry by Maddie Davis

"words... are wild animals." Wild poetry by Maddie Davis.
Text version:

cable car
Hold hat against head,
push dress to thigh in an attempt to
remain modest.
Passenger loses dollar,
floats to crack between
tire and concrete.

Bird pecks face from bill.

phone call
The only thing that makes you laugh
is a story about
a homeless man on Muni.
He ate strawberries like divinity
told us that the garden of Eden
was the whole world.

static electricity
Fingers slip against newly shaven skin.

Dry sheets imitate lovers
a cruel joke by the laundry.

Not everyone has an uncle
one that won’t look them in the eye
shuffles mutilated thoughts between
legos and porn

uncle who speaks Korean and has PTSD
cause he could only handle cars
not the engines inside them

uncle doesn’t sign cards even sent on
major holidays merry happy wish you
all written by aunt

some mothers and fathers are
only children

and their babies aren’t given
books about dragons, angels, greek poets
each one marked with a blank
notecard from
drunk uncle touchy uncle dead uncle
mother wants my brother to be an uncle
something different about uncle in your ear
knuckle, ulcer, unclear

One Minute between Streets

candied pear &  pink anemone
wink from their stalls at the corner
of Lakeshore and Grand.

trash between shuffles of children’s feet,
smells of piss and clementine mixing
near parking space 102.

bite cheek while sidewalk crossing,
taste flecks of blood on tip of tongue.

thighs chafe & skinny man smiles
he points to mason jars with clover honey,
tips one that cracks, gnats swirl
spooling warmth against gravel

street corner movie theater advertises
horror romantic comedy indie
$5 matinee & insults during ticket rip

couples laugh more loudly than the rest
strange faces made familiar in the closest
flip up soda stain ass sweat seats

previews end & for a few seconds
bodies clover tickets space 102
are chewed whole by darkness

popcorn placed underneath chair
leave hopeful that stalls will still be there
wink piss blood chafe & all

About Maddie Davis: Maddie Davis, from small town Nevada City, CA, plays with words like they are wild animals that she knows better than to try to tame. Current freshwoman at Mills College, studying everything that they’ll let her.


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