Month: April 2015

the STAFF hive #2: “fast write with many grammatical errors”

Welcome to the second edition of the STAFF hive, where Tunnel STAFF members share their ideas/weeks/vibes/earworms/thoughts/images with you, so we can all get to know each other a little better. We hope you enjoy. Think of it as our long-distance love letter to you. Minu Jun: A fast write with many grammatical errors The Italians know how to do cinema, so do the French but I don’t know sometimes I feel the French speak too much. I love Cleo, Cache, and Vivre Sa Vie but something about them, except Cleo, leave me a little cold. They’re too Proust for my Patterson. Especially Godard. I should watch more of his works but out of the three I have seen: Masculin Feminin, Vivre Sa Vie, and A Woman is a Woman, I just couldn’t help thinking “Now let’s see you walk the walk.” I always feel emotionally a little unsatisfied. Even their more trashier offerings like Rollin are never as much fun as Bava or Argento. Although I loved Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Demy isn’t trashy, I haven’t …

Macaroni // by Sophia Williamson

An update on Tunnel artist Sophia Williamson, JR in high school, preparing for her AP Studio Art Portfolio. Six pieces made of macaroni, paper cutouts, Copic marker, etc. Love you Sophia, best of luck with your portfolio ❤ Other work by Sophia:

wild animals // poetry by Maddie Davis

“words… are wild animals.” Wild poetry by Maddie Davis. Text version: cable car Hold hat against head, push dress to thigh in an attempt to remain modest. Passenger loses dollar, floats to crack between tire and concrete. Bird pecks face from bill. phone call The only thing that makes you laugh is a story about a homeless man on Muni. He ate strawberries like divinity told us that the garden of Eden was the whole world. static electricity Fingers slip against newly shaven skin. Dry sheets imitate lovers a cruel joke by the laundry. Not everyone has an uncle one that won’t look them in the eye shuffles mutilated thoughts between legos and porn uncle who speaks Korean and has PTSD cause he could only handle cars not the engines inside them uncle doesn’t sign cards even sent on major holidays merry happy wish you all written by aunt some mothers and fathers are only children and their babies aren’t given books about dragons, angels, greek poets each one marked with a blank notecard from …