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Textural Music by Romeal Strong

Interview and transcription by Perah Ralin
Managing Editor
Photo by Romeal Strong


Romeal Strong (aka Corvus/Crow Beat/Linius Pallitax) is a musician and photographer based in Los Angeles. He doesn’t get creeped out, nor does he need your validation. Read below for the full interview.


You sent me the link to the Soundcloud for Crow Beat, but you have your other moniker, Linius…

Oh, Linius Pallitax? Yeah.


Yeah, Linius Pallitax! Do you think you’re moving away from dance music? You haven’t posted anything on there for like, a year. [my mistake!! it was 2 months]

I make a lot of music, but I don’t really like to post things in general. I think I have like a thousand songs. I just don’t really like to put stuff out. Yeah, I thought I put something on it recently, on the Linius Pallitax? I don’t know.

Do you feel like not wanting to post things is an emotional kind of thing or do you just feel like “This is unfinished; I don’t really want to put this out there.”

I don’t know, I guess I just don’t. It’s really fun to make, but I don’t really feel the need need to validate myself, in a sense. I really enjoy making it. (laughs) Y’know, it’s cool. I think that the reason that I post…Like, I think I post more [often] on the Linius one than the Corvus one in general, just because people usually react a bit more positively to dance music. Under the Corvus moniker, I like to do a lot more weird things. I haven’t started a really weird channel yet, but I do make some really weird stuff.

We’ll do a follow-up. What is your process like?

Well, I have a really cool studio. In my room, of course. I’ll.. I don’t know, it just kind of depends on what I’m doing! I’ll usually just start out getting a sound, just a general sound, a kind of a feel for it, and then I’ll loop that and add some things to it, but usually I’ll try to just get a few sections in. I’ll get this section in, and then I’ll get this other section in, and then I’ll go put it together. I’ll use Ableton Live in the workflow. It’s kind of like a looping program at first, but then you can put it into a kind of more traditional timeline. I’ll make it in the loops and then I’ll bring it into the timeline and I’ll go into there and sort of edit everything, like micro-edits. Y’know, just sort of mess around with it so it isn’t in a loop for 3 minutes. (laughs)

Do you usually work alone?

Oh, yeah. Occasionally I’ll collaborate with someone, but not super often. I’m a lone wolf in the game. (laughs)

How do you feel like collaboration affects your music?

Oh, I mean I like it, it’s fun. I don’t know, it can be kind of difficult sometimes. I used to collaborate, back when I was first starting, or maybe not. I guess I had already been doing it awhile, but around three years ago…I don’t know, somewhere around freshman year. I used to live in Washington, and I used to work with this dude, James Shogren, and he was really into ambient music. His name was like…Sentient Skin Brother. Yeah, he’s really good. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really make any more music. [Ed. note: He does!] I think he plays in a few noise rock bands. He was really good at ambient music, though. I collaborated with him on this really good track on an album that I don’t really want to talk about because it’s not that good. (laughs) But, um, that one song was good.

Do you want to talk about your recent album?

Yeah! Yeah, that’d be cool! I mean, I don’t know. I actually made it like a year ago, and then like, I just kind of.. Wait, let’s see. I made two albums that are like, finished, but I’ve kind of been sitting on them for a year, one of them’s like two years old, so that one is kind of like the first half. The second half is less cohesive, so I just decided to eliminate that part, and just release the first few tracks on it. I’m probably not going to release the rest of it. I might release a little bit of it on the one I made earlier, the one that’s maybe a year and a half old. I don’t really make too many albums, as far as like, when I think about…although I think I may come out with like, a weird ambient jazz thing. I don’t know, I think I’m working more on some textural stuff, which-


Yeah. Well, yeah that’s because I sort of like to think of my music as rather than like songs, I like to make textures, and sort of like…feels for things, you know. I think that…I don’t know, it’s more fun, I guess. Well, I… don’t exactly know. I’ve just always really been into like, I guess.. I don’t know. I’ve always been really into the feel of music, rather than like, structure, which is why I like to make.. I don’t know. I guess that album has a good amount of structure on it, but it’s not like a song, verse-chorus-verse stuff, you know. I mean, kind of, but the dance stuff I do like to make very structured. That stuff is fun too.

Sorry, this next question’s kind of basic. What instruments do you play?

What instruments do I play? Drums, piano, bass, guitar, I can do turntables and like, scratching. I actually just had a show recently, in my friend’s band, which was cool. I think it was on Thursday, and that was pretty fun. I played drums in that, and then I kind of have an on-off sort of metal group, that’s fun. I love playing metal, so much, because the crowd really responds to you. The crowd is fun as…heck. I’m not really sure if I’m allowed to swear in this interview.


It’s completely fine!

Okay, yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Make sure that’s in there, or else I’ll be really really disappointed. But yeah, metal and punk are really fun genres to play because the crowd gets really into it. When I do recorded music, with those kind of things I like to weirder things. As far as live music, like djing and stuff, I think the main goal should be how the crowd responds. House music is really fun to play, and punk is really fun to play. You know, stuff that the crowd gets really into and enjoys. As far as recorded music goes, I just like to make weird stuff. I guess the album’s pretty accessible. Except maybe the third one… whatever the slower one is.

How often do you perform?

Like play live?


Not super often, I used to do it more often. Now I just play Smash Bros. and stuff (laughs). That’s a really fun game.

Alright, I’m at 3% battery. Is there anything you want to tell the internet before my phone dies?

Keep on doing you, internet!

Aww, that’s sweet.

I guess. I don’t know. Reddit’s great.(laughs)




PART II (when Perah abandons all journalistic pride and asks Romeal if he has a recording app//Romeal talks futurist influences)… Stay Tuned.


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