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SEE IT SEEN IT GONE is a program of films and installations by visual artists from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). It took place on March 1, 2015 at Automata, an experimental arts center in Chinatown, Los Angeles. If you couldn’t make it, no worries; Tunnel’s got you covered.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT (A Words + Picture Tour):

The Automata Gallery, March 1, 2015. In Chungking Court in Chinatown, LA. It’s just stopped raining. We walk down the court and almost miss the gallery, because it’s so dark out, but the plush installation in the show window cues us in. SEE IT, SEEN IT, GONE.


Cold salami slices are in a dish at the door. Further in, there is a basket of lollipops. People have begun to sit down on the scalloped seating levels, but we’re urged to go to the basement level to see the installation piece first. We go; the installation takes up the whole room. A coalition of mirrors and a lone foil balloon (deflating) reflect / fragment video footage onto the walls.

BASEMENT INSTALLATION (by Alex Emmons, Mia Stearn, Harper Paradowski):  


We go back upstairs and take our seats. As we wait, more and more people file in through the wet doorway, until practically all the folding chairs are taken. On their heels is a flood of students, the students involved in the exhibition and their friends and classmates, and they stack against each other on the floor. The house is completely packed.

Malaika Latty, the LACSHA Visual Arts dept. head, gives her thanks. Minu Jun, student curator of the exhibit, gives his. The hour-long experimental film program begins.


ELEGY, by Nelli Astvatsatrian: 

MAKE ROOM, by Rachel Lester-Trend: 

AUFSTEHEN LINKS, by Ramona Gomez: 

Thank you to the filmmakers for letting Tunnel feature your work! ❤ 

Full program: Harper Paradowski (Untitled / 3:03), Paige Twyman (Antics / :32), Paige Twyman (Sense / 2:07), Alisa Petrosova (Clear-Cut / 7:57), Rachel Lester-Trend (Home Sweet Home / 2:29), Rachel Lester-Trend (Untitled / 1:07), Zola Anderson (Untitled / 1:02), Bob Viera (Savages / 1:41), Slater Green (Savages / 1:56), Nelli Astvatsatrian (Elegy / 1:39), Omar Wiseman (The Creative Process / 1:02), Jackson Bridgers (Visual Telephone / :41), Jackson Bridgers (Eating with Parents / 3:51), Minu Jun (The Anthill: Redux / 4:56), Minu Jun (Kore-Huh / 2:14), Amara Higuera (Highland Park / 2:42), Carlin Faucett (Untitled / 3:14), Soryn Mouton (Untitled / 3:11), Mavis Figuls (Soryn Cubed / :53), Ramona Gomez (Aufstehen Links / 1:53)

If this FASCINATED you, watch out for SchmidtFest!, another experimental student film festival curated by Minu Jun and Mavis Figuls. A few films from SEE IT SEEN IT GONE will make a repeat showing at Schmidt Fest! It is set to take place sometime in April (Date TBD).

SchmidtFest! 2014 Trailer: 

For more info, go to:

MORE ABOUT AUTOMATA ARTS: “Automata is a non-profit organization located at 504 Chung King Court in the Chinatown District of Los Angeles. We are dedicated to the creation, incubation, and presentation of experimental puppet theater, experimental film, and other contemporary art practices centered on ideas of artifice and performing objects. Automata stands at the fulcrum points between objects and performance, artifacts and ephemera, magic and mechanics, artifice and interface.” –

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