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everything is beautiful / words and photography

Words by Perah Ralin.
Portrait of Perah Ralin by Somi Jun.

i crave you
and the comfort you bring
fingers reaching to brush back a bit of hair
the sigh of each strand
as you bless them with your touch
lights overhead flicker as i wait for you
fingers reaching to delve deep into my chest
wrapping ribs
lungs away from flesh and
mouth opens
and a little bit of breath escapes into the air
and dissipates

blistering bands of burn
i want you to be here
watch as it curls
smoke in the air into my lungs
your lungs
and for a moment we are one
cough it up, particle by particle
i take the words from your tongue as they fall from your teeth
the scent calls and drifts back
settling in the film
and filling in the cracks
tell me how you feel on a one two three
one to see
two to hear
three to be
with me
but back and forth we dance
two and a half
two and three quarters
we’re in kindergarten again
and every little thing stings just as it did when our skin was fresh
and easily burnt
scratch and pick at the scabs till they curl up
and flake off

everything is beautiful
and bright
in dappled blue light
patterns translated into
and sighs
and little small touches
it is warm beneath the sheets
keeping me far from sleep
but the rhythm of your chest as it falls
up and down
in and out
nostrils slightly flared
every little bit of you is a dream.




  1. breathtaking. I love your affinity for the whole “breath […] dissipates” thing, or is that just something I do a lot? And am projecting on to you??? Forget it. It’s breathtaking.

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      • somijun says

        i agree tho. i feel like this series of perah’s poetry has this lovely soft breathy feeling? it’s beautiful but in a sweet/sad way? im a big fan of the ending – “every little bit of you is a dream.”



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