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RED – technique & connotation

Marion Wood mixes the technical and the abstract in her series of collages, centered around the color RED. She talks ART CENTER, TECHNIQUES, and mixing SCIENCE with ART. Read on!


MARION (the Contrarian) SPEAKS:

So you gave me about 12 pieces. Are they part of a series?

Yeah, I made them a while ago in art class. I did a class at Art Center College of Design, and we started off the class, and we had to choose one color that we wanted to incorporate in each piece. So we had 5 days and we were supposed to make 3 pieces of art a day. So I chose red, that was my color, so all of them used red. And also, each one was supposed to incorporate a different technique. So we used packaging, and we used cloth, and, like, used, I don’t know… there was one where you had to rip paper, and tear it, or whatever.  So each different piece uses a different technique.

Cool. So it was a summer program?


Did you choose red for any particular reason?

I don’t know, I just think that red has a lot of connotations with it, and a lot of conflicting ones. You know, there’s like blood, and love, and like roses. I don’t know, there’s just so many different… It’s just a really versatile color and also, it’s not a color that I use a lot? So I kind of wanted to use it as a challenge.

Do you do anything else, art-wise? Before or after the program?

Well, I wanted to do these because I, like, like them a lot. And they’re the most sort of cohesive piece that I have. But I do a lot of collages. I have like whole notebooks filled with them at home, you know? But I do like… I took Painting and Drawing here [South Pasadena High School] and I’m a little rusty, but I draw a lot, and I like using the techniques that I learned. And I sort of experimented with photography, but then I just couldn’t deal with all the technical aspects, you know? I have my grandpa’s old camera, and the film, and the, I don’t know. It got– it was– it was too much work. But I like photography.

Do you think that your collages and your pieces, do you think that’s going to play a role in the future?

I mean, I hope so! I mean, I like aesthetics and stuff, and I just feel like I need to do creative things and create stuff. So hopefully, the goal is to do something sort of like, mixing science and art, or like aesthetics. So I’m majoring in Computer Science for some of my schools, so I want to have that technical background, but hopefully I can use that in design fields and things like that. So I mean, obviously, I don’t really know. But that would be the goal.

Thanks, Marion! ❤


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