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the STAFF hive: it’s Wednesday.

Welcome to the first edition of the STAFF hive, where Tunnel STAFF members share their ideas/weeks/vibes/earworms/thoughts/images with you. This is what we have to say: it’s Wednesday. And we hope you enjoy. Think of it as our long-distance love letter to you.


i daydream sometimes about getting a really good back massage, though asofnow i don’t have the time or $$ to go to a spa. or a masseuse? i twist my shoulders around and knead those muscles myself (which is true independence).

i went to the hello kitty exhibit on saturday, and it just made me so happy to think that so many people came together to create this shrine to an animated non-cat girl named hello kitty, and so many people went to so many lengths to come and pay homage to her. the show runs until april, and it’s $10, and you get a free hello kitty headband. everyone walks around in their hello kitty headbands, and takes pictures in front of the hello kitty inspired artwork, and it’s just really nice, and makes you feel glad that you live in the 21st century.
[poetry in the styrofoam belly is by me…. the image came from the internet, but i can’t remember where. when i find the link, i’ll add it RIGHT HERE: ]


Lately, the song Stay High by tove lo (?) has been stuck in  my head. I’ve never heard the song, only parts of it sung by other people. I think I’d like to keep it that way (???) even though normally I look up and sing a song to death when it’s stuck in my head. It kind of blends nicely with all the other ethereal vocal-y songs that are stuck in my head at the moment.

I love the way she performs live, like she’s a little bit possessed.

I’ve been in a fog of apathy lately. I think it might be sleep deprivation, but I’m not sure. I don’t like it. I kind of feel like I’m in a balloon, especially when I’m talking to other people. It’s affecting my conversational skills (not like there was much to begin with)

biggest gripe of the week: all the movies i tried to watch this week were foreign and i couldn’t find sketchy free versions online that had subs. if someone finds me a link to viridiana (alatriste, 1961) that’s subbed and won’t murder my fragile pc, i will love ya forever

sara's 6 songsSara

Little recent 6-song playlist


I went to the PEN awards (for free) and Julian Assange skyped in live from wherever he is. I think it’s Ecuador???????? Yes, I googled it, and it’s Ecuador. He talked about how the first amendment is in danger — it really wasn’t that amazing as far as speeches go. Everyone clapped, but all I was thinking was: he indirectly killed people.

Don’t believe me? You have a very serious problem with trust. You always have.

•••goodnight, until next time•••


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