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An interview with Contemporiste editor: Gabrielle Noel!

Contemporiste FOUNDER and EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Gabrielle Noel talks our generation’s internet movement, 7th grade zines, and Ammerman Schlosberg’s art-fashion collections. Read on for modern internet inspo!

“The Contemporiste is a new website featuring new and alternative fashion, art, culture, music, and film. Our goal is to showcase new and upcoming artists, writers, photographers and filmmakers. Initially launching in Los Angeles, we expect to expand to other cities as we grow.” –

1. Describe Contemporiste’s style, content, vibe, etc. What influences its look and content?Contemporiste is a blank canvas for young artists to be celebrated and shared with the world. It includes fashion, art + culture, music, and film. It is a curation of works from young artists pertaining to all of these topics along with the latest news and more. The content is curated to look visually appealing next to each other and compliment each other. I created the vibe to be very minimalist so that it would feel like a blank canvas, a place where others would feel comfortable having their work posted without the pressure of feeling like it isn’t as good as the person next to them. Everything is influenced by what is happening now with our generation – the internet moevement, minimalism, and kawaii everything. I luv kawaii things………..

2. What inspired you to start the magazine? And why online?
I’ve wanted to start my own magazine since I was in the 7th grade. I used to blog and make zines. I think one of them was called like “froot-loop” or something LOL. I created this to be online because it really is where the mindset is of our generation. As “sad” as people are that we are constantly on current technology and not “truly being connected with one another”, I think it’s cool! Information is being spread quicker than ever and people are connecting now more than ever. < 3 internet luvr 4evr < 3

3. Basically all of the material is by/from young artists in the LA area. Why is that demographic important to you?
I was raised and currently live in LA, so it is the closest connection to young artists, trends, news, etc. that I have. It is currently in the process of spreading to other cities.

4. Another huge thing on Contemporiste is fashion (i.e. the editor-picked shopping section and updates on high fashion news). A lot of people think of fashion as somewhat vapid, and not necessarily an art form. What are your thoughts?
I wouldn’t say most people think that fashion is vapid, and not an art form. It is now more of an influence on art and influenced by art more than ever! Fashion is another art form, a visual representation of someone’s emotions and expression. One of my favorite designers right now is Ammerman Schlosberg. They are a great example of fashion as art. You can look at their collections and feel something, clearly see the influences, and look at the collection as whole to be very well connected in terms of pieces and styling. The way in which it is presented is another huge aspect to their name. A particular style can turn the whole aesthetic and vibe of a photo.  Fashion is tightly interwoven within multiple other artistic perspectives – illustration, painting, modeling, photography, dance, film, the list goes on… looking back at the most recent fashion week, designers are individually creating the way they want to present their work based off of what they are influenced by. On Contemporiste, I wrote an article on the Kenzo SS15 show and their avatar, Knola, who was set up on multiple screens around their fashion week set up. I think they totally took a cyber influence and used digital art to create an interesting and unique show. Maybe I so strongly think of fashion as an art form that I block out what others are saying about it. whatevr.

5. When you talk to/interact with young artists, how do you approach them? How do you want Contemporiste to represent them?
Most of the time young artists present themselves to me with their art. Like I said, I created Contemporiste to be seen as a blank canvas where their art can be celebrated and appreciated. I think it really does a good job of creating a safe and unintimidating place for artists who want to share their work without it being judged.

6. Following that same thread, what are your thoughts on the role of young people in the art/fashion world?
Young artists are the voice of our generation. They are the creators and innovators of what is to come of our future!!!

7. About you now… How do you see your role in curating/editing the magazine?
Working on Contemporiste is my favorite thing to do. I dream all day at school about working on it and what I am going to write about next. I curate according to personal tastes. I post what I like and what I am inspired by. I have so much fun creating visually appealing things through photography, photoshop, cinema 4d, etc. I am constantly working and coming up with ideas to add. I recently created a zine based purely off of what I am currently influenced by. It’s called CUT(e). I styled, photographed and put it together. u shuld all go look @ it.

8. What about contributors’ role?
My contributors are some of my favorite people ever. They are so excited to find new and interesting things and to share what they wrote/created with others!

9. The future for Contemporiste?
Contemporiste is going to be worldwide! It will be a universal place for young artists to become unified in one place we all are in touch with, the internet! CUT(e) will also become a buildoff of the site and turn into a physical magazine that can be purchased. The future looks v excited 4 us! ^_^


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