Month: November 2014


Tei Park maps the human body in a mixture of mediums, including thread, magazine cutouts, muslin fabric, and gauche. TEI ON HER WORK: No idea where this sudden urge to draw body structures came from, I don’t do Grey’s Anatomy or Bones or House or TLC’s Untold Stories of the ER, no interest in surgeries and absolutely can’t handle blood, but these organs are simply the most fascinating things I can think at the moment. Can you believe all these things inside you are working and moving all the time?!?!?!? I drew a few that I liked, and might expand this into something big, but right now my images don’t really come close to what envisioned because they’re just parts and they’re so flat. Like maps!

the STAFF hive: it’s Wednesday.

Welcome to the first edition of the STAFF hive, where Tunnel STAFF members share their ideas/weeks/vibes/earworms/thoughts/images with you. This is what we have to say: it’s Wednesday. And we hope you enjoy. Think of it as our long-distance love letter to you. Somi i daydream sometimes about getting a really good back massage, though asofnow i don’t have the time or $$ to go to a spa. or a masseuse? i twist my shoulders around and knead those muscles myself (which is true independence). i went to the hello kitty exhibit on saturday, and it just made me so happy to think that so many people came together to create this shrine to an animated non-cat girl named hello kitty, and so many people went to so many lengths to come and pay homage to her. the show runs until april, and it’s $10, and you get a free hello kitty headband. everyone walks around in their hello kitty headbands, and takes pictures in front of the hello kitty inspired artwork, and it’s just really nice, and …

in this sky / photography + poetry

Photography by Elizabeth Masterman. Poetry by Somi Jun. teen spirit and winged golems screaming moloch way up high, we are no angels, but in this sky our sons and daughters die There is A grand scheme to your life, Mapped in the family around you and The gravity you hold as close To your heart as ad hominem solvent. Chant words, tipped: You are The earth, sun, universe, and Everything, You will not die Before your time.

An interview with Contemporiste editor: Gabrielle Noel!

Contemporiste FOUNDER and EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Gabrielle Noel talks our generation’s internet movement, 7th grade zines, and Ammerman Schlosberg’s art-fashion collections. Read on for modern internet inspo! “The Contemporiste is a new website featuring new and alternative fashion, art, culture, music, and film. Our goal is to showcase new and upcoming artists, writers, photographers and filmmakers. Initially launching in Los Angeles, we expect to expand to other cities as we grow.” – 1. Describe Contemporiste’s style, content, vibe, etc. What influences its look and content?Contemporiste is a blank canvas for young artists to be celebrated and shared with the world. It includes fashion, art + culture, music, and film. It is a curation of works from young artists pertaining to all of these topics along with the latest news and more. The content is curated to look visually appealing next to each other and compliment each other. I created the vibe to be very minimalist so that it would feel like a blank canvas, a place where others would feel comfortable having their work posted without the pressure of …