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“Still Night” + “Two” by Liz Parker

Spoken word poetry, written and performed by Liz Parker.

Still Night


still night:

i ask you to
gratify me; satisfy me
don't be alarmed by me
don't cower from my embrace
- just because you can't face the extreme struggle and force exertion required to lift my unearthly body when i have fallen
- just because i have a thousand year's worth of thoughts in my head and a thousand year's worth of stones weighing me down. 

i ask you how it is possible that my heavy heart doesn't fall straight through the roof on which i sit;
your only answer is that
when i lose my mind to the stars
and i lose my being to the universe,
my unconscious sincerity
insists upon pointing out the irony
in the way that humans think they're
supposed to be sane. 

each visible silhouette
screams to be noticed
and pretends to be as vital to our mental image as the background,
just as each troubled teen
grasps frantically for a connection
and a lover
and a bottle of rum. 

the sum of our being is as scattered and unreasonable as the universe and it's everlasting questions,
STILL i violently search your ocean eyes
for a message. 
STILL i believe if i stared long enough they would become windows, although windows break
and STILL i believe you are unbreakable
and infallible and
as forever as my own existence. 

i can be someone.

some people want want to be taught about in a history class or made into a statue
but my only outstanding goal was ever to be Liz Parker
that insecure girl who 
wears her shoes until they're terribly worn out so her soles can match her soul. 

i have a millennia of experiences
concentrated in the palm of my hand
but i call YOU over
to blow on it
and make a wish

my own existence never seemed to 
protrude so gorgeously into the void
of unknowing and uncaring abilities
until this moment
and you amaze my bug sized mind
into doing backflips just to try to keep up
and you're human. 
and i'm human. 
and i love you.

You and I make two
And if that doesn't matter
I dont know what does

Because tying a knot in a cherry stem never made a good kisser
And understanding physics never 
Granted self-knowledge
We live our lives on a path
That has been trampled to death
As if each breathe comes out stale
And second-hand from
generations before us
We need new land to explore;
New responsibilities to ignore
Rejuvenation to the core of our being 
And then some. 

Because all we are is a blip of time
And all we'll be is a blip of time
But i have my time
And you have your time
 We Can Use It. 

Who says 
we cannot stuff our faces
With grapes straight from the
forbidden vine
until our bellies
Cry out in pain - Who says
we cannot fill our veins
With water
And dance on tables
And go on adventures
And breath with our mouths open
And see with our eyes open
This is self-oppression

Our potential is massacred
By a finite cookie cutter
Designed by our ancestor's expectations
 We Can Do More. 

Exploring our boundaries
Takes a dedication
we don't dare commit for fear
that the outside of the box is lonely. 
That safety trumps accomplishment. 
That exposure is a negative action
 just because we lack the courage to face our genuine identity

You and i and he and she
Live our lives
Bathing in corrupted intentions
To reach the overall goal of...

So, yes. 
You and i make two. 
And we have the combined ability
To do anything we want to. 
See, the strength of a held hand 
is not relative to time. 
the strength of a held hand never had to do with any human actions of
building seeing producing owning...
the strength of a held hand only 
ever depended upon love. 

 Thank you


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