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Sophie Negrini Talks Jane Lane

7 song mix from Jane Lane, compiled by Sophie + Tunnel, to listen to while reading:

"Jane Lane consists of...
Sophie - Vox/guitar
Jake -Guitar
Alex - Bass
Lucas - Drums
Listen and cry or gtfo
xOxO" - Jane Lane Music

Jane Lane vocalist and songwriter Sophie Negrini talks power-pop, abandoned churches, and the future

Jane Lane is a pop/rock/more band, consisting of four students who met in high school. Since Jane Lane’s formation, founder and vocalist Sophie has moved onto college, but the band still devotedly releases music via SoundCloud and is currently trying to release a 5 song EP. Teenage music inspo! Read on.

1. What is Jane Lane? How did the band form?
Jane Lane is a character from the cartoon Daria! She is super rad and gives no fucks. Jane Lane formed when I was gonna play a show at the Battery Books in South Pasadena and I needed a bassist/drummer. My sister and her boyfriend played with me for a while after that, but then became too busy. Jake, Lucas, Alex and I were swimming at a friend’s house over the summer and I told them my dilemma, and they immediately said they would be in my band. So tada!

2. What’s your practice/performance schedule… What’s the best place you’ve performed?
We practice on Sundays and Wednesday… school nights ’cause we are bad kidz. Alex, Jake, Lucas and I have yet to play a show together as the new Jane Lane because they just joined in like August. The most memorable place I’ve performed was this warehouse called Gnarnia about a year ago. It was in South Central and on top of an abandoned church where they did exorcisms (rumor has it).

3. Describe Jane Lane’s sound.
Its a little bit power-pop and a little bit garage rock… just listen.

4. What’s your songwriting/song-making process?
I usually have either lyrics or a melody come to me at random and I’ll record it or hum it so I don’t forget. Then I spend hours in my room trying to figure the rest out. Most of my lyrics are super emotional so it’s usually when I’m sad and lonely in my room.

5. Who or what are your musical/personal inspirations?
60’s music has always heavily influenced me, whether it’s The Beatles, The Byrds or The Ronettes, the melodies are just so pretty. That and power pop (ex. Redd Kross, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star) and really dreamy guitar tones like from Slowdive or The Jesus and Mary Chain.

6. Why is Jane Lane cool/important? 🙂
Jane Lane is cool and important because we are on a mission to make happy music that will also make you want to cry! Spreadin’ the love yo.

7. What is it like to have members who are all underage/students?
It’s actually great because our schedules are really similar, even though I’m in college. It’s easy to coordinate practices for the most part. They are also the coolest, most hilarious boys ever. The age difference doesn’t really feel like anything because I just barely turned 18 and they are 16 turning 17… They are way beyond their years anyways.

8. Jane Lane’s plans for the possible future?
We really wanna release a 5-song EP soon (cough cough Lolipop Records whaddup). Also play a show, HA.

Also check out Jane Lane’s new bandcamp record (available for only $1!!!)


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