Month: September 2014

Guim Tió / Pantene Inspiration

By Sophia Williamson, 11th grade. Magazine ad cutouts + oil pastels, inspired by Barcelona artist Guim Tió Zarraluki. Sophia used oil pastels to turn fashion models into bug-like creatures. “How do you take a dull look and turn up the cool? Put it on Ice. Ice Shine from Pantene. This advanced system starts at the core and helps polish strand by strand. For twice the shine, twice the strength. Plus the total hair satisfaction hair guarantee means, Love Pantene or we’ll switch you back to your old shampoo or conditioner. When its time to shine, even leading salon brands can’t produce these healthy looking shine results. Ice shine, from Pantene. Pantene makes it happen.” – TV Commercial

Artist Profile: Pooja Tripathi

My name is Pooja Tripathi, I’m 17 years old and about to start school at UCLA. Conversation isn’t easy for me but sometimes you can hear my voice in the radio waves, playing hip hop and hindustani music, it makes me feel powerful. Black coffee and someone(s) to walk with/talk to is my favorite way to experience time. I’m not good at memorizing or even just holding onto spiderbite feelings so I take photos – of what’s on the ground. What hands are doing. What catches my eyes and fills them. I photograph myself when I’m distant and the people around me when I get a sense of that, that nice thing, “connection”. These images are important to me because in each moment, I felt very intensely about where I was. Sometimes grateful for who I was with, or dulled and stewing and crawling into myself, or aware of air against my skin. Sometimes I wish people wouldn’t respect my personal space. These are moments when I bumped shoulders with something.